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Jewelry always has a meaningful story behind them. They are small bundles of references, emotions and tiny pleasures on the wearer’s arms, neck, and swinging ears. That’s why I fell in love with the goldsmith’s work. It came to me very early that I wanted to do this, to give these small bundles to people. At the age of 22, I received my goldsmith’s certificate, and I think of my former master with great gratitude. Now I am building my own enterprise, I wish to create, give and develop as much as possible.

Each Mirc jewelry is individually handmade. The jewelry is made of acrylic yarn and 925 silver. The size of bracelets are customized with the help of the knots on it. At your request, we can make unique designs, whether from silver or 14 carat gold.

If you want to wear the things that are important for you, feel free to contact me!

Would like to have a unique piece of jewelry or you have question? Feel free to contact me! ♡


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